We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service that is based on individualization, trust, collaboration, and meticulousness.

Individualized Approach & Design

The financial assets of each client and the complexity of their portfolio vary greatly, however, SCS Financier’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence never wavers. Our highest quality of counsel tailors innovative solutions for effective strategies when it comes to management, preservation, and transference of wealth.

Trusted Client Relationships Spanning Generations

SCS Financier places great value on an integrated planning approach with the family’s entire advisory team. Thanks to these alliances, SCS Financier can merge and analyse precious knowledge of the family’s financial history. We are proud to be long-standing stewards of our key multi-generational clients – over two decades of continued service and 3+ billion dollars in assets that have been protected using our solutions.

Meticulous Modus Operandi

At SCS Financier, we always deliver superior and meticulous work for our clients. In working with one Trusted Advisor, our clients are guaranteed a seamless experience with impeccable service. Our fully integrated approach to wealth includes the following services: Corporate Insurance, Estate Planning for Individual Companies, Estate Planning for Families, as well as Charitable Giving.

Collaborative Network of Expert Professionals

SCS Financier believes that a collaborative approach forges the path to excellence and success. To do so, we work closely with our client’s personal professionals as well as our own trusted network of experts including; in-house actuary, tax planners, and ad hoc accountants.